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The love for art comes from his family. Franco Cisternino Bracho is the son of Aurélio Cisternino, an Italian artist.


Franco was born in Venezuela and later moved to Brazil where he spent 9 years before moving to Miami, his current home.


Drawing and painting was his passion since childhood, and his path as an artist was largely self-taught. The admiration for his father as an artist was a motivation for him to express his own creativity.

In his professional career he has worked with interior design projects until he finally decided to pursue his passion and dedicate himself professionally to fine arts.


Brazil and Venezuela had a huge influence on his work and inspiration. He loves to paint faces using oil paint on large canvases, especially from different ethnicities. Through the expressive eyes of his subjects, Franco narrates their stories and convey their unique backgrounds.


"For me each face I paint has a unique narrative. Their eyes reveal their roots, beliefs, traditions. I see them as the color of their souls, the deepest part of their being. They always have a story to tell, and I try to transmit it through my work."

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